Step 1

Review Requirements and Collect Documents

View information about what’s required to register your student(s) and collect all necessary documents for your student(s)

Step 2

Complete an Online Registration Application

Begin an online registration application to enroll your student(s) for the upcoming school year.

Step 3

Book an Appointment to Submit Documents

Create an appointment to submit the required documents and finalize your student(s) enrollment

Student Enrollment

Students may be registered for school at any time throughout the year. Online applications can be completed here. Once you have completed your application, an appointment will need to be made to bring your required documents to the Board of Education to finalize the enrollment process. Appointments can be made online.

The following individuals may enroll eligible students :

  • Parent or legal guardian

  • Foster parent appointed by state agency

  • The Department of Human Services (DHS) or the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) or the custodian of a student placed by DHS or DJJ in a facility located in Peach County School District.

Enrollment for Out of County Residents 
Students wishing to enroll in the Peach County School District who do not reside in the district may apply by filling out the out-of-county application. Out-of-county students are not automatically accepted. Applicants require approval prior to admission into the district. 

Attendance Zone
Students must attend school in the attendance zone where their parents/legal guardians reside. To determine which school your child will attend, you may look up your child's school using our school lookup tool.

Age Requirements
By state law, kindergarten and first-grade students entering a Georgia public school for the first time must be age five on or before September 1 to enter kindergarten and age six on or before September 1 to enter first grade. A copy of the child’s proof of age must be supplied at the time of enrollment. A Certified copy of the birth certificate will be accepted.

Required Documents

1) Proof of Residence
To enroll in Peach County Schools, a student must reside in Peach County with a natural parent or legal guardian, or the student must be under the care of a state agency with placement in Peach County. Proof of residence is required when a student initially enrolls in a school, whenever a change of residence occurs, or any time proof of residency is requested by a school official. The Central Office will accept the following records as proof of residency:

1.1) One of the following (must include address):

  • Current lease/rental agreement

  • Current residential property tax statement 

  • Current mortgage statement

  • Current warranty or quick claim deed

  • Current home purchase agreement

 1.2) AND one of the following (must include address)

  • Current utility bill

  • Car registration / tax

  • Governmental Agency mail (County, State, or Federal)

2)  Parent/Guardian Photo ID

3) Birth Certificate, passport, or other proof of age

4) Ear, Eye, and Dental Examination
Any student, regardless of grade level, who has never been in a Georgia public school must provide certification of eye, ear, and dental examinations. Any child admitted to school without a certificate must present one within 90 days.  The form for this examination is DHR Form 3300. All DHR forms may be obtained at the Peach County Health Department or physician’s office.

5) Immunizations
All students in grades K-12 must provide an immunization certificate at the time of enrollment. This certificate may be obtained from the Peach County Health Department or from a physician. A student may be enrolled for up to thirty (30) days while proof of immunization is obtained. An Affidavit of Religious Conflict with Immunization Requirements may be filled out if applicable.

For your convenience, the contact information for the Peach County Health Dept. is below:

Peach County Health Department
503 Bluebird Boulevard
Fort Valley, GA 31030

478-825-6939 Office
478-825-6792 Fax

Social Security Number
At the time of enrollment in Peach County Schools, parents are asked to provide voluntarily, a copy of the child’s Social Security Card. However, no student shall be denied enrollment in Peach County School District for declining to provide a Social Security Number or declining to apply for such a number. A parent/guardian may submit a Social Security Waiver.   

Transfer Students
Prior to admission, a transfer student shall provide a certified copy of his or her academic transcript and disciplinary record from the school previously attended. A student may be admitted conditionally if the name and address of the school last attended and authorization to release all academic and disciplinary records to the school is provided. 

Please Note: Any student who is under suspension or expulsion in another school system and who wants to enroll in Peach County Schools must clear that suspension/expulsion before any consideration will be given to the student’s request for approval to enroll.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Board of Education, 478-825-5933.