Where can I find D'Nealian (Monkey Tails) handwriting resources on the web?

One of our teachers recommends ABC Teach Website for printable practice sheets, flash cards, etc. Feel free to send us an e-mail if you find other sites that are useful!

What documents do I need to register my child?

1. Permanent academic and attendance records from previous school. Your child's placement will be temporary until the records arrive. The Byron Elementary School will request the records but you are responsible for their receipt. 
2. Certificate of adequate immunization (Georgia Form 3231) 
3. Ear, Eye, and Dental Screening (Georgia Form 3300)
4. Birth certificate - before enrollment. 
5. Social Security Card (copy) - before enrollment.
6. Guardianship papers if you are not the natural or adoptive parents of the child. 
7. Proof of Residency in Byron District of Peach County Schools (Electric bill/water bill, etc.)
8. Driver's license or picture identification card.

What are the school's hours?

All students should be in their rooms by 8:20am to avoid being counted tardy. Dismissal at the end of the day begins with pickups leaving at 3:30pm. Kindergarten pickups at the Kindergarten entrance begin at 3:30pm. All students should be picked up by 3:45pm.

Should I label my child's belongings?

Please put your child's name on ALL belongings for easy identification, especially book bags and coats.

What's the best way to send money to school for lunches, field trips, etc?

Please put money you send for any reason in an envelope with your child's name, your child's teacher's name, and what the money is for written on the outside.

Are visitors allowed at the school?

ALL visitors must report to the main office. Unauthorized persons found on school property will be prosecuted. State law requires that all visitors, parents and guest sign in with the office prior to visiting any part of the school any time of the day.

I'm bringing snacks for my child's class. Where can I leave them?

You may drop off the snacks with the teacher on duty in the Pick-up area at the start of school, or you can drop them off at the Office.

How often are report cards issued?

Report cards are issued every nine weeks.

Where can I park when picking up my child, who uses the Kindergarten entrance (off of Linda Drive)?

You can no longer park and walk-up to pick up your child. You must sign in at the front office or drive up by using the color-coded card given to you by your teacher. Please follow all traffic regulations at both Byron Elementary and Byron Middle Schools. Traffic laws are strictly enforced by the Byron Police Department. The speed limit on Campus Drive (off of New Dunbar Road) is 10MPH. Discharge and pick-up of students at curb only. NO DOUBLE PARKING......KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE! View our Traffic Pattern Diagram (will open in a new window).